Ace 1/72 7.5cm Pak 41 Gun Kit

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Ace 1/72 7.5cm Pak 41 Gun Kit
Designed and built by Krupp AG to compete with the Rheinmetall 7.5 cm Pak 40, the Pak 41 was intended from the onset to take advantage of the Gerlich principle to increase shot velocity. With this principle, the gun delivered a higher muzzle velocity and therefore greater penetration in relation to its size. Compared to the PaK 38 and the PaK 40, the appearance was long, low, and sturdy.

This model features several novelties for the time such as: special ammunition with tungsten core, barrel split into three distinct sections, the attachment of the split trail legs and solid rubber tires directly connected to the gun shield to save weight and the gun cradle set inside a special ball mount attached to the gun shield.

Due to the shortage of tungsten, only 150 Pak 41's would ever be produced and a small number of Pak 41's were converted to accept 7.5 cm Pak 40 barrels and components. A small number were mounted on halftracks and used as lightly armored tank destroyers also.

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