Zvezda 1/72 German AF Ground Crew (5) Kit

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Zvezda 1/72 German AF Ground Crew (5) Kit
Airplanes were one of the decisive technologies of World War II, able to deliver devastating attacks far behind enemy lines. The battle for control of the air was just as important as control of critical roads, railways, and resources. But aircraft are very complex machines, and they require an enormous amount of effort to keep them flying. For this reason, every nation in the war committed large numbers of specialists and engineers to the task of repairing, reloading, refueling, and maintaining aircraft when they were on the ground.

In the German air force or Luftwaffe, each Gruppe or basic air unit would operate from its own airfield, using its own ground crew and mechanical staff. A Gruppe with 60 to 70 aircraft would be supported by as many as 500 ground personnel. Their task was to maintain landing fields, rearm and refuel aircraft as quickly as possible after landing, and repair damaged aircraft when possible.
  • Includes unit flag and unit card for use with the Art of Tactic WWII game

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