Special Hobby 1/72 L13 Blanik Czechoslovakian Glider Aircraft Kit

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Special Hobby 1/72 L13 Blanik Czechoslovakian Glider Aircraft Kit

In 1954, Czechoslovak gliding enthusiast together with VZLU's (Research Aviation Institute) chief designer Ing. Karel Dlouhy began the development of a two-seater glider for advanced training. The first of two prototypes was test flown in March 1956. The production of the modified glider started in 1957 in Let Kunovice aviation factory. This company had produced these all-metal high-wing gliders, designated the L-13 Blanik, until 1978 with a total of 2616 gliders produced. The modernized L-13A version was produced during the 1981-82 period in small batch using strengthened wing taken from engine powered Vivat gliders. The Blanik, thanks to its flying characteristics and durable all-metal structure, was popular and widely exported to all continents except Antarctic. It was flown or still flies in forty countries of the World.

The kit´s sprue with styrene parts and a clear canopy part are produced from the tools originally owned by now non-existent Profiline company. The decal sheet and marking options cater for two gliders operated in the Czech Republic, one colorful machine flown in Eastern Germany in the late 1960s and one Australian Blanik with interesting registration VH-GPS.

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