Special Hobby 1/72 Arado Ar96B1 Aircraft Kit

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Special Hobby 1/72 Arado Ar96B1 Aircraft Kit
The unarmed Arado Ar 96B-1 served in the Luftwaffe for advanced pilot training.  Parts of this model are identical to the previous model, there is a difference only in the box and the decals, of course. The decal sheet offers three different machines from various flying schools. All of them bear markings of the Luftwaffe, the school units' badges and are interesting also for some repairs of their camouflage. Two machines were three-color camouflage scheme, while the last machine is only in RLM 02 and is also having its u/c covers removed.
    Includes markings for:
    • Luftwaffe FFS A/B 23 VI+IV Kaufbeuren, 1943
    • Luftwaffe FFS A/B 4 W.Nr.1220 / KE+MR Neudorf-Oppeln (Nowa Wies) 1943
    • Luftwaffe FFS A/B 52 W.Nr.1220 / RB+UF Danzig-Langfuhr (Gdansk-Wrzeszcz) April 1942

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