ICM 1/48 MiG25 RBT Soviet Recon Aircraft Kit

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ICM 1/48 MiG25 RBT Soviet Recon Aircraft Kit
At the end of the 1960s, the Mikoyan Design Bureau developed the world's first interceptor fighter with the speed of Mach 3-the MiG-25.  At the same time, a reconnaissance-bomber modification was designed, which was called the MiG-25RB. 

The improved modification MiG-25RBT with updated avionics was produced from 1980-82.  These perfect reconnaissance planes served in Soviet (later Russian) Air Force, and were also delivered to Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

Kit includes:

  • Details
  • Decal Sheet
  • 1 frame is executed with Prozrachnoho plastic (Lantern kabynы)
  • Scheme for Okrashyvanyya model
  • Details on Instructions in Russian and of English

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