Zvezda 1/72 Janizaries Warriors XVI-XVIII AD (43) Kit

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Zvezda 1/72 Janizaries Warriors XVI-XVIII AD (43) Kit
A set of elite soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. The Janizaries (in Ottoman Turkish: yeniceri, meaning “new soldier”) originated in 1365. The Janizaries units comprised Christian boys aged 12-16 (Albanians, Serbs, Bulgarians), who were converted to Islam. They were the slaves of the Sultan and lived in barracks and at first, could not marry or engage in any trade. The property of dead Janizary passed into the regiment ownership. Apart from the art of war Janizaries mastered calligraphy, law, theology, literature, and languages. Wounded or discharged Janizaries received pensions. The Janizaries were known for their fearlessness in battles against Austrians, Serbs, Byzantines, Russians and many other nations.

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