Special Hobby 1/72 P40K1/5 Warhawk Short Fuselage Fighter Kit

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Special Hobby Aircraft 1/72 P40K1/5 Warhawk Short Fuselage Fighter Kit
A model of the P-40K-1/5 Warhawk US WW2 fighter aircraft which featured a short fuselage and an enlarged tail fin.

The kit contains: three sprues with grey styrene parts, one sprue with clear parts, decal sheet and full-color instructions.

The decal sheet offers markings for four machines:

  • P-40K-1 (42-46040), white 13, pilot 1Lt. Robert J. "Crash" Overcash, 64FS, 57FG, Africa, May 1943 (5 victories)
  • P-40K, white 23, senior lieutenant Nikolai Fedorovich Kuznetsov, 436 IAP, 239 IAD, 6. Air Army, North Western Front, the Soviet Union, Winter 1943. (25 victories, 12 shared)
  • P-40K-5 (42-9768), white 255, Maj. Edward "Big Ed" M. Nollmeyer, CO 26 FS/51 FG, Kunming, China, December 1943. (5 svictories)
  • P-40K, white 15, 25. FS, 51. FG, Assam valley, India, 1944
  • Detailed and extremely accurate model
  • Very easy assembly 
  • Eye-catching marking and color scheme options 
  • Accurate decals

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