ICM 1/72 WWII German Avia B71 AF Bomber Kit

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ICM 1/72 WWII German Avia B71 AF Bomber Kit
The SB (Skorostnoy Bombardirovschik – High-speed Bomber) was one of the world’s first twin-engined bombers with smooth metal plating and retractable chassis. SB (ANT-40) was constructed in the A. N. Tupolev design bureau under the supervision of A.A. Archangelsky. It made its maiden flight in October 7, 1934.
  • Recessed panel lines and rivets
  • Interior detail (cockpit, bomb bay, bombardier and gunner's stations)
  • 2 central wing spars, separate control surfaces, choice of wheeled or ski undercarriage, choice of 2 windscreens, plus optional position landing gear and bomb bay doors
  • Decals and painting guide for 4 aircraft: Luftwaffe Flugtechnische Versuchanstalt, Prague, 1940; Luftwaffe, Luftdienst-Kommando 2/11, August 1941; Bulgarian Air Force 1st Yato, 5th Orlyak, 1944 and Luftwaffe Luftdienst-Kommando 1/13, 1941.

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