ICM 1/72 Soviet I15 BiPlane Fighter Kit

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ICM 1/72 Soviet I15 BiPlane Fighter Kit


The further development of fighter-biplane constructions of N.N. Polikarpov became the I-15. The first prototype of I-15 (TsKB-3) with Wright “Cyclone” engine made its maiden flight in October 1934.

  • Raised and recessed surface features, subtle fabric-on-frame effects, detailed cockpit, full radial engine, separate rudder, spatted undercarriage, injection-molded windscreen, separate cockpit boarding doors, plus rigging diagram
  • Decals and painting reference for 4 VVS aircraft: 'Red 3', 1936; 'White 6' of 15 IAP, Pskov, 1938; personal mount of Moscow District Air Defense Chief Pavlov, 1936 and 'Red 2' of 3 OIAE, Moscow District Air Defense, 1937.

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